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Coral Floral - Regular flow Cloth Pad - 12"

Coral Floral - Regular flow Cloth Pad - 12"

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My beautifully made cloth pads and liners are EXTREMELY comfortable and make that dreaded time of the month a little bit more fun and enjoyable!

Each month you will smile as you pull out your stash of cute cloth pads, and you will feel a sense of pride at your contribution to helping save our environment from more waste and landfill!

Join the cloth revolution, and millions of women around the world who have embraced an eco life and reusable products!

Cloth products are actually very quick and easy to clean, and very hygenic to use! You will experience less cramping and shorter cycles (anecdotal evidence abounds to support this!), not to mention the savings by not having to continuously buy overpriced disposable sanitary products!

That is of course if you can resist the urge to buy them in every print! 



My Cloth Pads have a minky or cotton topper, a super absorbent bamboo fleece core, and are backed with PUL, a waterproof/resistant material.

The topper wicks the moisture through to the absorbent bamboo, and the PUL repels the moisture back into the bamboo core, preventing any leakage. 

My regular flow pads are a standard use pad, and are ideal for a low to regular flow. They are VERY thin and discreet!